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3 Features Worth Adding to Your Custom Home

admin - February 21, 2021 - 0 comments

Custom homes allow you to bring your vision to life. Built from scratch, custom homes give you the opportunity to add features that can not only raise the value of your home, but also provide you with certain conveniences on a daily basis. The biggest benefit, however, comes in the form of choice. There is no need to work around an existing infrastructure to meet your needs, you have the ability to hand-pick what features you want to add to your new home. From location, to the size of your home, to the design, colours, fixtures and every little detail in between – the ball is finally in your hands.

The question then becomes, what are some ideal implementations to include in your custom home in order to add value to your new build? With endless possibilities, you should consider factors like the region of your new home and your budget. For example, Canadians encounter all four seasons every year. Fortunately, the market has incredible solutions that can make your life easier while adding value to your home. So let’s look at some great options to add to your custom home design:

Higher Ceilings

Whether your home is big or small, consider tall ceilings for two simple reasons. First off, a high ceiling exudes a luxurious appeal. Not only does it open a space up, it also creates an illusion of a bigger space. Additionally, standard 6’ to 8’ ceilings do not give you the opportunity to add much depth or dimension to your ceilings. When you have more to work with, you can incorporate additional features like stunning chandeliers, ceiling tiles, wood beams, wall art, and so much more.


Heated Driveway

The perks of creating something from scratch is being able to incorporate the cost within the bulk of the build price. So features that you wouldn’t normally splurge on can easily be added to your new home. Let’s take the season example from earlier. If your custom home is in Canada, particularly in Ontario, you will experience crazy snow falls during the winter months. Fortunately, heated driveways are an excellent solution to this problem. If you opt for a heated floor system throughout your home, you can extend that to the outdoors as well. With warm water and antifreeze running through the tubing, the snow will melt upon contact. Adding a heated driveway as an additional feature to your home will not only save you time from shovelling the snow, it will also be seen as a great perk your home has to offer. Which, in turn, will definitely increase its value in the long-run.  


Central Vacuum System

Another great addition, that can be costly and a nuisance to add after a home is built is a central vacuum system. Since this product lives in your walls, it is optimal to incorporate while the home structure and walls are still being built. To use the central vacuum system, just plug in a hose to one of the many portals installed around your house. All that dust, dirt and debris that is collected goes straight to a container placed at a central location within the home – such as the basement. The biggest advantage of this feature, apart from not having to lug around a vacuum throughout the house, is that this system circulates less dust into the air which adds value to anyone who suffers from allergies. Or to people who enjoy breathing in clean air.


Of course, there are a plethora of things you can add to your custom home to increase its value. From hidden rooms to wall shelving, to customized staircases, to skylights or outdoor living space – the list can go on. At the end of the day, what you decide to include should add value for you as well as for your home. Real estate is an excellent investment that often generates a positive return. How big that return is depending on your choices.


At Beverly Build, our team of professionals can provide you with a free consultation so you can differentiate between what you’re looking for, what you need, and what you can realistically achieve given your budget and location. With your satisfaction being our main goal, we will strive to best accommodate your desires, all the while providing you with both energy-efficient and sustainable builds.

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