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Kitchen Remodeling: Planning & Ideas

admin - February 21, 2021 - 0 comments

One of the most impressive things you can do for your home is remodeling your kitchen. As the heart and center of the home, kitchens are truly that room that can lift and transform the rest of your home. However, kitchen renovations can be expensive. Your job? To create a plan that lets you uncover your vision and then help it come true.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, you can dream big or small. It all depends on your list of priorities and the team you’re bringing in to help. Here are our go-to methods for planning a stunning kitchen with this killer kitchen remodel ideas.

The pre-plan phase of your kitchen remodel

Planning out your new renovation is key to deciding your priorities and what, exactly, you’re wanting. You have several options here — and it’s all about deciding between a massive remodel or a minor renovation. First up, get clear on what it is you want. From a Pinterest board to write out all your ideas of your dream kitchen, start thinking about your kitchen remodel. 

By focusing on your pre-plan phase, you can start deciding where you want to focus all your money, time, and resources. Deciding ahead of time is also the go-to way to ensure that you know which pieces of your kitchen renovation and remodel are non-negotiable and which ways you can streamline costs or try new options. After all, kitchen remodels aren’t just about efficiency — they’re also excellent for creating a new kitchen feel. 


Kitchen remodel ideas

If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to planning your kitchen remodel, you’re lucky — because kitchen remodels can be as little or as truly massive as you want. Whether you’re ready for a complete and total kitchen transformation or you want to make some small tweaks, you can. Here are some of our favorite Beverly Build kitchen remodel ideas:

Add in new cabinetry: Adding new cabinetry to your space can be a loud (and messy) process, but it might just be precisely what you need to completely switch up the vibe and the mood of your kitchen. In a small kitchen, changes like this can be brilliant. Whether you want to add in glossy mahogany cabinetry or build clear glass cabinets that showcase your kitchenware, anything goes. We’re huge fans of adding in open shelving and bold pieces like black countertops to give your kitchen a unique look. 

Transform the space: Smaller tweaks can make a big difference in your kitchen feel, but there’s also always the option to wildly transform the space by knocking down walls, trading out appliances and redoing the floors. If you’re in for something new to create a brand new feel in your home, a kitchen remodel might just be what you’re waiting for. This goes for even things like your kitchen sink, too! Add in a new kitchen island and farmhouse sink, and you’ve changed the entire room — with minimal work! If you’re looking for a more significant change, build in a breakfast nook complete with barstools… and you’ve changed your breakfast (and lunch and dinner) game, too.

Build-in fun additions: While typical kitchen remodels might just be great, there is also space to create something fun and unique within your home with your kitchen renovation. Look for unique fixtures, next-level cabinetry and countertops, and top-of-the-line appliances that improve your overall happiness at home. There are so many ways to do this (and simply!), whether you add subway tiles to a backsplash, swing pendant lights from the ceiling, build a kitchen island with a butcher block or knock out your upper cabinets to make space for a massive wine rack. Dream big here!

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