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1960 Avenue Rd, North York, Ontario, Canada


1960 Avenue Rd, North York, Ontario, Canada

1960Avenue Road very well may be one of the most luxurious commercial projects we’ve worked on here at Beverly Build. This incredible steakhouse is the peak of modern restaurant design in Toronto, and every inch of the building reflects this quality. The interior of this steakhouse is stunning in every sense of the word. The modern, opulent design of the bar is just one of the various captivating features that this property possesses. The beautiful seating layout, hardwood flooring, and grand lighting all come together to produce an experience that can only be defined as delightful. Even the exterior of this location is remarkable, and will undoubtedly catch the eyes of any and all people who pass by it. The perfect location of this restaurant paired with its top-of-the-line architecture and modern aesthetic makes it a perfect place to go for an evening in paradise.

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    September 2018


    Toronto, ON



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