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35 Canyon Hill Ave, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Luxury Custom Built

35 Canyon Hill Ave, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Elegant, opulent, and captivating are all qualities that come to mind when you first step foot into a home like this one. This luxury custom-built home in Richmond Hill is everything you could ever dream of when it comes to modern housing. All of our houses are fully tailored to our client’s needs and desires, and this property is absolutely no exception. Fully integrated smart home capabilities were a must for this home, as our client wanted a modern, comfortable house that would look incredible while also being efficient and functional. We custom-built every surface, wall, floor, countertop, and ceiling to be extremely durable, while also looking gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeous, looks were definitely near the top of the list of priorities for this home. Whether it be the stunning light fixtures, minimalistic dining room, or the mesmerizing spiral staircase, every single feature of this property will instill a sense of wonder in anybody who looks at this house. The large windows provide you with plenty of natural light and an unparalleled view of the outside world, which is truly breathtaking. This project is located in Richmond Hill, one of the most versatile areas in all of the GTA.

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