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505 Brokdale ave, North York, Ontario, Canada

Luxury Custom Built

505 Brokdale ave, North York, Ontario, Canada

505 Brokdale Avenue embodies the peak of luxury housing in the Toronto region. With modern amenities in both the interior and exterior designs, this property is of the utmost comfort for any family. With large-scale features of spectacular opulence such as a large aquarium, wine cellar, home theatre, smart home system, and more, this luxury custom built home will provide you with an opportunity to live and grow in both a house and neighbourhood of sumptuosity. Along with large-scale attributes, the small touches like the excellent cabinetry, unique interior design, and transparent fireplaces make every moment in this home one to cherish.

  • Completion Date:

    July 2016

  • Location:

    North York

  • Project Type:

    Custom Built

  • Size:


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