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Lawrence Park Custom House

Luxury Custom Built

Lawrence Park Custom House

This huge luxury custom-built home in Lawrence Park is the epitome of modern design today. The minimalist, clean design makes the sheer size of the property stand out. Every moment in this home feels as though you are in a concert hall, and it is truly spectacular. The variety of stone surfaces and beautiful hardwood flooring makes this home look extremely contemporary, and anybody who appreciates a sleek space will surely feel right at home in this property. However, looks are not the only thing this house provides. Every feature in this home was designed to create an experience of the utmost comfort. Fully integrated smart home capabilities, beautiful lighting, and excellent entertainment spaces give this property a reassuring, uplifting ambiance that is difficult to achieve with a house of this size. The grand features aren’t the only things to look forward to though, as the simpler comfort features make just as much of a difference. The exceptional cabinetry and the lighting beneath the kitchen tables make cooking and serving in this space a delightful, luxurious experience. Immense windows give you the ability to view the beautiful nature outside this home no matter what you’re doing.


    October 2020


    Toronto, ON


    Custom Built

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